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The elusive Walter Campbell

September 19, 2016

We have been attempting a blog which highlights our beloved Wally for nearly a year now. But if you know Wally, it should come as no surprise to you that he has managed to escape our spotlight.

As the Bren-Mar Team continues to grow, Wally has been taking on the role of mentor in addition to his ‘day job’ as project manager. While he’s busy providing guidance to our newest project managers this mentoring often takes him all over the greater Flint/Detroit region so keep your eyes peeled and you might even catch a glimpse of him for yourself!

Since Wally has been so successful in escaping and deflecting our inquiries into his life, we can only speculate as to his hobbies and interests. Here’s what we’ve been able to gather over the last couple of years:

  • Wally has a family; his wife, Dianna, and two children; a son and daughter. We estimate both children to be in their mid twenties and know that his daughter is engaged and that he and his son hunt together.

  • Wally has a pool; he and his family sometimes host barbeques at said pool; we’ve never been invited otherwise we would be able to provide further information on this detail.

  • Wally enjoys cars and has a Mustang, we know he attended the Woodward Dream Cruise this year and suspect he may have taken his Mustang.

  • Wally and his family like to vacation along the eastern seaboard; while we can’t recall if he’s ever divulged the exact town, we do know that he’s brought back saltwater taffy to share with us at the office.

  • Wally dislikes chocolate; it’s taken us awhile to come to grips with this fact but once we realized it was one less person to share treats with we were pretty quick to overcome this somewhat odd fact.

While the details of his life outside of Bren-Mar are hard to come by, we could go on and on about his work related accolades. Rather than bore you with the industry specific details, just trust us when we say he is exceptional at his job. Wally is a much appreciated asset to our company and we look forward to learning more about him -little by little- over the future years.

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