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A job well done!

December 11, 2020

Bren-Mar Construction is very pleased with the ground-up project recently completed in Grand Blanc. After many months of planning and preparing we broke ground for this new state-of-the-art office building; navigating our way through weather set-backs, design challenges, material availability, schedules, as well as the COVID19 Virus

with its relentless restrictions and delays.

In the end we have built a cutting-edge, energy efficient, building with attention to the finest details and craftsmanship. With elements of architectural design utilizing clean lines and incorporating a wood that brings warmth and comfort with timeless aesthetics to the space, this office interior is both purposeful and sophisticated.

The ceiling to floor windows provide natural light that enhances many areas throughout the building. Well thought out design makes the work pod area efficient and functional, with a clerestory that showers light throughout the space.

Our team put in some long hours making all the pieces come together for a perfect fit of this simple but intricate design complemented by horizontal and vertical lines. Neither rain nor knee deep mud, cold and snow, or days so hot we could have fried an egg on the rooftop kept us from building this sturdy and handsome structure.

Bren-Mar Construction appreciates the experience we had working with all parties involved in this project including the owners, architect, subcontractors, and municipalities. The final result brings a new building to the area with an enduring design that will stand the test of time. A job well done!

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