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2020 ~What a Year!

September 25, 2020

In a year where the way we live life has been disrupted by the worldwide pandemic virus, we at Bren-Mar Construction have adapted to changes necessary to continue to do what we do best…we build. You can see our craftwork from Northville to Birmingham, Grand Blanc to Troy. We put the finishing touches on Guernsey Farms Dairy, we provided tenant improvements to several restaurants and retail. And we have kept the pace with a new ground-up office building.

Yes, we have had to change the way we do some things. But haven’t we all. You may find our faces covered at times, but you will still find our focus keen. Building represents hope for the future. We trust that we will survive this pandemic and return with determination to be productive communities once again.

Bren-Mar Construction has steadied a course for over 34 years. We aren’t going anywhere. You can depend on us to bring visions for your business to reality that too can stand the test of time. The world we live in may have been temporarily disrupted ~ but just watch and see how we are emerging more determined, more creative, and Bren-Mar strong!

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