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The next generation

September 24, 2018

Entering its fourth decade, Bren-Mar is positioning itself for the next generation. Max Williams joined the company over six years ago learning the “Bren-Mar way”. His keen insight, quick ability to learn and desire to follow in his father’s footsteps has provided a strong basis for taking Bren-Mar Construction through the next 30 years.

Brent and Max continue to work side-by-side today. They believe in the company’s future and the people that make Bren-Mar strong. While celebrating this milestone has provided a time of reflection, it has also encouraged us for the future. Bren-Mar is confident the years to come will continue to be prosperous and offer more opportunities worth celebrating.

A Conversation with Father and Son

Sitting down with Brent and Max for a candid conversation about working together provided moments of deep thought, a few smiles, a little humor and some insight into Bren-Mar Construction’s future.

What do you enjoy most about working together?

Brent says he enjoys “watching Max go from raw talent to a highly qualified builder and learning the processes”. “It’s a privilege to be able to teach my son as an adult; he continues to grow.”

Max believes he and his father are a lot alike, but with just as many differences. “It is nice to be able to sit together and catch up on everything at least once or twice a week. I feel fortunate to be able to do that.”

What challenges you most working together?

“It can be a challenge because Max and I are so much the same”, says Brent. “It’s not always an easy road, sometimes we butt heads.”

“That is a loaded question…” According to Max, “letting the reins down and letting go of control” is a challenge for father and son.

What do you envision for the future of Bren-Mar Construction?

Brent – “I see Bren-Mar Construction as a young and robust company.” We are a good blend of young and old, with new people being trained “the Bren-Mar way”. We can grow as big as we want if we keep our core values of always providing high quality and taking care of our customers.” We’ll do whatever it takes for our customers.”

Max – “I envision continued success and possible growth. I would love to change some things, but it is hard to make decisions for change when we see and live the success that Bren-Mar Construction has achieved, and continues to achieve. I truly believe the relationships that Bren-Mar Construction has with their employees and contractors drives our success and accomplishments. This is something that will always be a priority for Bren-Mar.”

This father and son dual are a pretty powerful team. They actually complement each other with their unique strengths and abilities. This “young and old” combination is proving to be just the right balance for Bren-Mar as we head into the next 30 years.

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