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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated: Jay Thompson

October 22, 2015

A part of the Bren-Mar Team from the beginning, though we’re careful not to call him the “oldest” of the Bren-Mar Team, Jay Thompson celebrates his birthday this month on October 25. And we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize and honor him.

A loyal part of the Bren-Mar Team for over 26 years, Jay has truly been with us through the best of times and the worst of times, all the while bringing along his unwavering consistency and uniquely Jay-charm. We reached out to some other members of the Bren-Mar Team to see what they thought Jay brings to the team:

  • Jay is the Bren-Mar team’s ultimate fix-it guy! And he brings Yummy Cupcakes! (Devon Carroll)

  • Jay brings unfathomable music trivia knowledge. And Yummy Cupcakes for the office gals. (Erica Benn)

  • Jay brings a plethora of valuable assets to the Bren-Mar team. He can tackle just about any task that may surface on a construction site and is able to complete it in exemplary fashion. However, his most valuable asset to the team, by a long shot, is his never ending repertoire of one-liners. (Matt Vanden Toorn)

  • Jay Thompson brings to the Bren-Mar team a quick witted sense of humor and a lot of cigarette smoke. (Wally Campbell)

  • Personally – Jaybird is one of the best people I know. Business – When Jay does a task or project no matter how small or big he makes it last for the long term! (Max Williams)

  • Jaybird the finisher: We put him with the customers at the end of the project to be their go-to guy for all their needs. He does everything and anything they request; from picking up an employee to hanging pictures to burying an Owners family pet they lost. When Jaybird has a task to complete it may appear he is going slow… but when he is done the job is 110% complete and rarely is there ever a call back. Thanks Jaybird! (Brent Williams)

While we all know and love Jay here at Bren-Mar, many others know and love him outside the Bren-Mar Team. Jay enjoys spending time with his granddaughters, daughter and son-in-law who live near Grand Rapids. He also enjoys spending time with many friends here in Fenton, cheering Michigan sports teams through all seasons from the comforts of what has been described as quite the epic ‘man-cave’. And if you’re ever fortunate enough to receive an invite for a meal, you’d be wise to take him up on it. While many bachelors may get a bad rap for their (lack of) cooking skills, Jay has mastered meals well beyond the basics.

One of Jay’s hobbies is a skill often utilized while on-the-job as well; Jay is an incredibly talented carpenter and has been known to make the impossible possible for Bren-Mar Construction and our clients as well as friends, family and neighbors. From A-frame chalkboard signs to custom serving trays, Jay masters any project with precision and an eye for detail that is unmatched.

And Jay is certainly unmatched – from his dedication and commitment to the Bren-Mar Team, to his generosity to his granddaughters, to those drool-worthy meals, we are honored to have him as a coworker and a friend.

Happy Birthday, Jay! Thanks for being a part of the Bren-Mar Team!

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