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Guernsey Dairy Farm

This is the tasty side of our job – a restaurant remodel that included the dairy products of Guernsey Farms Dairy served up at expanded dining, old fashioned soda fountain or right out of the dairy case. It was our pleasure to be a part of this family owned business as they prepared to celebrate 80 years with the remodel of their restaurant located in Northville, Michigan.

It began early in the year with closing the restaurant as we started with the demolition and then turned to the process of building fresh and new. The results provided an upgraded experience at Guernsey Farms Dairy with the dining room, soda fountain, new bar, retail store and dairy case with Guernsey merchandise. The new outside seating allows for enjoying a take-out order or licking to your hearts content an ice cream cone made with one of the now offered 48 flavors.

Bren-Mar brought our talented craftsmen in to provide expert finish to the remodel with new millwork, lighting, revised design and fresh painted walls. With the careful coordination of contractors we kept the process of renovation on track – until the virus sent us packing. Not to be deterred, we maintained focus from behind the scenes working out details from home so that in early May we were back on site and ready to finish the job begun. Guernsey Farms opened for take-out orders the first week of June.

New to the Guernsey Farms Dairy experience is the addition of a bar that boasts the distinctive combination of bright blue tiles and custom woodwork. The back bar features a unique design highlighting a cow synonymous with all things dairy.

The new look outside is as delightful as their ice cream! With the look of spilt milk across the parking lot and cheery tables and chairs to welcome you it is sure to be the place to go for ice cream and all things ‘Guernsey’. An old fashioned soda fountain, great food, 48 flavors of ice cream and new boozy shakes makes the Guernsey Farms Dairy project one of our tastiest.

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