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Go Green, Go White, GO Jennifer Williams!

August 20, 2015

It’s no secret that the Bren-Mar team’s lineup isn’t loaded with English majors. In fact, if you’ve communicated with us via email or text you’ve likely learned this the hard way. While we excel at building, when it comes to our grammar we look to Mrs. Bren-Mar Construction – Jen-Mar – for help. In her years of marriage to Brent, Jennifer Williams has become a master at deciphering his writings – which is no easy feat. In addition to being on our sideline for proof reading (things like this blog, email campaigns, marketing and our completely redesigned website), Jen plays full-time 4th grade teacher at Torrey Hill Intermediate in our hometown of Fenton. While a champion of Bren-Mar Construction, Jen’s true passion is Michigan State University sports. To call her a “fan” would be quite understated; in fact, her love for all things MSU is so potent she even converted her hubby, a one-time U of M supporter! So while Brent and Jen enjoy cheering for their Spartans from tailgates, bleachers, stadiums and arenas across the country, our cheers go out to you, Jennifer! Thanks for all you do behind the scenes in support of Bren-Mar Construction. And of course, go Spartans!

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