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A Mainstream renovation

It begins with a space that needs a bit of TLC. It ends with an awesome transformation. That’s how the story began for Mainstream Boutique. There was a lot of behind the scenes work in progress before we began with the first swing of the hammer. But through careful coordination, skillful craftsmen and lots of hard work we created a beautiful space for Mainstream Boutique in Grand Blanc. When our clients bring in their own uniqueness the story always has a happy ending.

Bren-Mar can take any space and bring it up to code, make it functional, and then add just the right architectural touches to create an amazing finish. We are experienced at figuring out how to make it work when it seems it will not. We thrill at the task of providing our clients with something even better than expected. At Bren-Mar we can do it. It’s what we do best…we build!

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