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Breaking Ground - Let us begin!

December 16, 2019

Bren-Mar has been excited to begin a ground-up project in Grand Blanc. After many, many months of planning and preparing we broke ground in the Fall for a new medical office. As a seasoned builder we were ready to hit the ground running and hurdle whatever came our way – like an early snow or mud so deep it sucks your boots off!

We began with a blank canvas and started moving dirt. Every week moves us forward with more equipment, pours and people on site. This kind of thing thrills a builder. We love the energy a new build brings with it.

Each day begins so early the sunrise is welcomed light. Donning gloves and boots against the cold weather we step into the day and don’t stop until the light begins to fade. There is a keen balance to keeping everything moving forward, on schedule, within budget, and on track. Building is not for the faint of heart…this is go time!

Snow and rain may challenge our days and our schedule; but we’re a bit like the Post Office and ‘neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will keep us from building this office’!

Check back and watch our progress as we do what we do best…we build!

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