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August 7, 2017

What’s better than ONE Shake Shack restaurant in Michigan? TWO! Partnering again with this great team of burger and shake makers, Bren-Mar broke ground on their second Michigan location earlier this year. Since May, we’ve been able to oh- put up an entire building! While we’re not quite “dried in” yet, we’re pretty darn close.

In August, our crews are busy running fire suppression piping, roughing in ductwork, electrical and plumbing, along with finishing up some interior framing. All the big, fancy steel is already set and we’re quite literally wrapping up the building; our exterior facade is well in progress and before long it will really start looking like a place you can’t wait to stop in for one of the best burgers and shakes in town.

Check out Shake Shack’s site for some more info on this newest location!

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