A Job Well Done!

Bren-Mar Construction is very pleased with the ground-up project recently completed in Grand Blanc. After many months of planning and preparing we broke ground for this new state-of-the-art office building; navigating our way through weather set-backs, design challenges, material availability, schedules, as well as the COVID19 Virus with its relentless restrictions and delays.

In the end we have built a cutting-edge, energy efficient, building with attention to the finest details and craftsmanship. With elements of architectural design utilizing clean lines and incorporating a wood that brings warmth and comfort with timeless aesthetics to the space, this office interior is both purposeful and sophisticated. The ceiling to floor windows provide natural light that enhances many areas throughout the building. Well thought out design makes the work pod area efficient and functional, with a clerestory that showers light throughout the space.

Our team put in some long hours making all the pieces come together for a perfect fit of this simple but intricate design complemented by horizontal and vertical lines. Neither rain nor knee deep mud, cold and snow, or days so hot we could have fried an egg on the rooftop kept us from building this sturdy and handsome structure.


Bren-Mar Construction appreciates the experience we had working with all parties involved in this project including the owners, architect, subcontractors, and municipalities. The final result brings a new building to the area with an enduring design that will stand the test of time.  A job well done!


2020 ~ What a Year!

In a year where the way we live life has been disrupted by the worldwide pandemic virus, we at Bren-Mar Construction have adapted to changes necessary to continue to do what we do best…we build.  You can see our craftwork from Northville to Birmingham, Grand Blanc to Troy. We put the finishing touches on Guernsey Farms Dairy, we provided tenant improvements to several restaurants and retail. And we have kept the pace with a new ground-up office building.

Yes, we have had to change the way we do some things. But haven’t we all. You may find our faces covered at times, but you will still find our focus keen. Building represents hope for the future. We trust that we will survive this pandemic and return with determination to be productive communities once again. 

Bren-Mar Construction has steadied a course for over 34 years. We aren’t going anywhere. You can depend on us to bring visions for your business to reality that too can stand the test of time.  The world we live in may have been temporarily disrupted ~ but just watch and see how we are emerging more determined, more creative, and Bren-Mar strong!


Open for Business

What a difference a few months can make. We have all been experiencing some challenging times as the COVID-19 virus blazed across the world greatly impacting the global community. Our own corner of the world has felt the effect of this virus in many ways. Not the least of which was the ‘stay home – stay safe’ sweeping restrictions that closed our communities to life as we knew it.

For many sheltering in place brought its own challenges. For businesses the impact was immediate and significant. We are all anxious to open back up for business as usual. However, most likely ‘business as usual’ will be anything but in the weeks and months ahead. As we slowly re-open our economy and communities we must continue to find creative ways to navigate the ‘new normal’. Social distancing, face masks, hand washing, and disinfecting will become part of our everyday living.

With the uncertainty of what our world will look like six months from now, one thing we can be sure of is the need to be tolerant, flexible, respectful and kind. This isn’t about us or them, you or me; this is about mankind. We are all in this together, and together we shall make our way through to better days.

In the State of Michigan, the construction industry ‘re-opened for business’ on May 7th. Bren-Mar Construction was eager and prepared to resume our projects and get back to work. We have once again started our days early moving safely among our subcontractors to the sound of construction all around us. And we are happy to be doing what we do best – building! We are moving dirt, we are laying pipe and building walls, we are measuring, cutting and pounding. We are building!

The COVID-19 virus is not confined to space or time. We must all continue to wait patiently for healing and the local and global economies to reestablish strong. As we emerge we must all continue with best practices for safe keeping.

Bren-Mar Construction is on the job and doing our part.

Breaking Ground – Let Us Begin!

Bren-Mar has been excited to begin a ground-up project in Grand Blanc. After many, many months of planning and preparing we broke ground in the Fall for a new medical office. As a seasoned builder we were ready to hit the ground running and hurdle whatever came our way – like an early snow or mud so deep it sucks your boots off!

We began with a blank canvas and started moving dirt. Every week moves us forward with more equipment, pours and people on site. This kind of thing thrills a builder. We love the energy a new build brings with it.

Each day begins so early the sunrise is welcomed light. Donning gloves and boots against the cold weather we step into the day and don’t stop until the light begins to fade. There is a keen balance to keeping everything moving forward, on schedule, within budget, and on track. Building is not for the faint of heart…this is go time!

Snow and rain may challenge our days and our schedule; but we’re a bit like the Post Office and ‘neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will keep us from building this office’!

Check back and watch our progress as we do what we do best…we build!

Crust Bakery – Completed Project!

In 2017 Crust Bakery more than doubled their space with a major addition and renovation project. Bren-Mar worked within the confines of schedules while the bakery remained operational 24/7 in order to coordinate the entire layout reconfiguration of the space. All those delicious bakery smells wafted through the air and mingled with sawdust and paint during construction.

Crust now serves in a new dining room, with bar and new kitchen, pasty and bread room production areas, new shipping and dock area, as well as employee room and several offices. New ovens, walk-in freezers, and storage space combine to make this 14,500 sq. ft. bakery project a “sweet” success.

Crust baking company front canopy brenmar construction

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan

crust baking restaurant brenmar construction

Crust brenmar construction fenton michigan bar area

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan pastry room

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan



another SHAKE SHACK!

What’s better than ONE Shake Shack restaurant in Michigan? TWO! Partnering again with this great team of burger and shake makers, Bren-Mar broke ground on their second Michigan location earlier this year. Since May, we’ve been able to oh- put up an entire building! While we’re not quite “dried in” yet, we’re pretty darn close.

In August, our crews are busy running fire suppression piping, roughing in ductwork, electrical and plumbing, along with finishing up some interior framing. All the big, fancy steel is already set and we’re quite literally wrapping up the building; our exterior facade is well in progress and before long it will really start looking like a place you can’t wait to stop in for one of the best burgers and shakes in town.

Check out Shake Shack’s site for some more info on this newest location!

Love Is In The Air

It’s February and love is in the air. And by “love” of course we mean the smell of fresh baked cookies. After all, they’re one in the same, right?

Breaking ground on what is likely the best smelling jobsite in the region, Bren-Mar Construction is excited to partner with crust – a baking company in our hometown of Fenton on their massive expansion. The facility will more than double in size -from 5,000sf to 13,000sf- with growth in all areas of their operation; from baking and shipping to retail and dining.

Read more in this great article by local newspaper TC Times writer Sally Rummell. Or check out the video by TC Times’ Tim Jagielo.

Follow the ongoing progress of the job here on our Blog and at crust’s facebook page.

Who’s That Lady?

While the guys of Bren-Mar regularly make the rounds to jobsites and meetings with clients, behind the scenes are a couple ladies helping make their jobs easier – wherever they may be. You’ve likely spoken to but perhaps never seen Devon or Erica. These ladies are like the Superwoman of Bren-Mar, rarely seen but always at the ready.

While Devon handles more day-to-day things around the office than we’d care to admit, Erica works from afar in our affectionately referred to Bren-Ver satellite location in Colorado. And when they’re not busy working, both of these gals love to spend time enjoying their families and the outdoors.


Devon is a sucker for a beautiful garden and has been known to make day trips to Midland or Grand Rapids to enjoy the peaceful serenity of Dow Gardens and Meijer Gardens. While she maintains that her own garden is quite modest, we’ve heard that it has it’s own pond so we do have our doubts. She is also brightening the office with it’s bounty all spring and summer, which we truly enjoy! And if she’s not at the garden you might find her on the shores of Lake Michigan. Having grown up North of Muskegon she just can’t resist those expansive beaches and cool blue waves, no matter the season. And who could blame her, really? We love the lake too!


While she misses the abundance of beautiful lakes, large and small, that Michigan offers, Erica has been embracing what water she is able to find out in Colorado. Trout fishing in small mountain lakes and hiking along rivers. While the scenery is a bit different, it is equally beautiful in it’s own regard. She has enjoyed exploring new towns and has found Golden to be a favorite, and not for the reason you might think -cough, Coors Brewery, cough-. The town is home to Clear Creek History Park which has it’s very own chickens that kids, adults and dogs love to stop by and visit!

Back to School Season

AugI’ve heard it described as “the most wonderful time of the year” by parents of school-aged children, while teachers and teens typically disagree. Back to school is a time to set goals for learning and growth over the next year while enacting a plan to ensure one’s success – a time to sharpen your pencil, so to speak.

Perhaps you too are taking stock of your planned growth for the next year. Maybe that growth includes relocation, expanding or just a fresh coat of paint. If you’ve got a plan, we can help ensure it’s success. If you’re starting with a blank slate, let us connect you with our team of skilled and friendly professionals; it’s like getting the ‘good’ teacher!

After all, a new project should be exciting, like a field trip to the cider mill but without the cramped and sweaty bus ride.

Summertime and the Living’s Easy

June 2016

It’s officially here – summer; sweet, sweet summer. The long, warm days combine with sunny disposition to create a season that can’t fully be explained but just has to be experienced.

There’s something else the summer brings -especially here in Michigan- and that’s construction. We are all very aware of the road construction projects which just happen to coincide with our otherwise cheer-filled season. Summer trips near and far can quickly come to a literal halt due to this busy time of pavement improvements. And while roadways are not in our construction portfolio, we sure are busy this summer working on projects of our own.

Fortunately, you won’t find any of our projects slowing things to a halt. Our skilled leaders are masters at planning, taking care of all the coordination and scheduling that keep projects moving forward.

Let Bren-Mar keep things rolling on your next project, handling all the hard work, so that you can enjoy that carefree experience of summertime, anytime of the year.