The Next Generation

Entering its fourth decade, Bren-Mar is positioning itself for the next generation. Max Williams joined the company over six years ago learning the “Bren-Mar way”. His keen insight, quick ability to learn and desire to follow in his father’s footsteps has provided a strong basis for taking Bren-Mar Construction through the next 30 years.

Brent and Max continue to work side-by-side today. They believe in the company’s future and the people that make Bren-Mar strong. While celebrating this milestone has provided a time of reflection, it has also encouraged us for the future. Bren-Mar is confident the years to come will continue to be prosperous and offer more opportunities worth celebrating.


A Conversation with Father and Son

Sitting down with Brent and Max for a candid conversation about working together provided moments of deep thought, a few smiles, a little humor and some insight into Bren-Mar Construction’s future.

What do you enjoy most about working together?

Brent says he enjoys “watching Max go from raw talent to a highly qualified builder and learning the processes”.  “It’s a privilege to be able to teach my son as an adult; he continues to grow.”

Max believes he and his father are a lot alike, but with just as many differences. “It is nice to be able to sit together and catch up on everything at least once or twice a week. I feel fortunate to be able to do that.”

What challenges you most working together?

“It can be a challenge because Max and I are so much the same”, says Brent. “It’s not always an easy road, sometimes we butt heads.”

“That is a loaded question…”  According to Max, “letting the reins down and letting go of control” is a challenge for father and son.

What do you envision for the future of Bren-Mar Construction?

Brent – “I see Bren-Mar Construction as a young and robust company.” We are a good blend of young and old, with new people being trained “the Bren-Mar way”.  We can grow as big as we want if we keep our core values of always providing high quality and taking care of our customers.” We’ll do whatever it takes for our customers.”

Max – “I envision continued success and possible growth. I would love to change some things, but it is hard to make decisions for change when we see and live the success that Bren-Mar Construction has achieved, and continues to achieve. I truly believe the relationships that Bren-Mar Construction has with their employees and contractors drives our success and accomplishments. This is something that will always be a priority for Bren-Mar.”


This father and son dual are a pretty powerful team. They actually complement each other with their unique strengths and abilities. This “young and old” combination is proving to be just the right balance for Bren-Mar as we head into the next 30 years. 


Bren-Mar Celebrates 30 Years!

This is the year – 2018!  

In September Bren-Mar Construction Celebrates 30 years in business. Those years have brought with it many clients, owners, architects and subcontractors along the journey. But mostly it has brought us many new friends!

Thirty years has seen a great many changes in the construction industry. Contractors now use digital plans, cell phones, tablets and smart gadgets. Project Managers use construction software and computer aided design. Jobsites have increased health and safety standards, enhanced equipment, drone technology and construction wearables. There are more systematic approaches to all aspects of construction, with the ability to achieve more and faster than ever before.

The building industry has definitely seen change since 1988! And Bren-Mar has been right there as witness to these many changes embracing the shifts in construction means and methods as well as advancing the company begun 30 years ago.

Bren-Mar remained strong throughout these 30 years with many economic ups and downs. Bren-Mar’s business philosophy has been the same since Brent started the company and is reflected in the company’s mission statement today: always give your best, take care of the customer providing exceptional service with high quality craftsmanship – every time.

We Celebrate the Journey on 30!


Crust Bakery – Completed Project!

In 2017 Crust Bakery more than doubled their space with a major addition and renovation project. Bren-Mar worked within the confines of schedules while the bakery remained operational 24/7 in order to coordinate the entire layout reconfiguration of the space. All those delicious bakery smells wafted through the air and mingled with sawdust and paint during construction.

Crust now serves in a new dining room, with bar and new kitchen, pasty and bread room production areas, new shipping and dock area, as well as employee room and several offices. New ovens, walk-in freezers, and storage space combine to make this 14,500 sq. ft. bakery project a “sweet” success.

Crust baking company front canopy brenmar construction

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan

crust baking restaurant brenmar construction

Crust brenmar construction fenton michigan bar area

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan pastry room

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan

crust brenmar construction fenton michigan



Project Update: crust bakery

If you’re local to the metro Flint/Detroit area you’ve undoubtedly heard of the crust bakery. Heck, even if you’re not local there’s a good chance you may have heard of them. They ship their famed pastries and breads all across the country and will soon be able to share even more sweetness. Construction is nearing completion on a major addition and renovation project that has taken place without impacting bakery operations. I’m going to pause so you can take a minute to really think about that. We’ve more than DOUBLED their space and reconfigured the ENTIRE layout WITHOUT IMPACTING BAKERY OPERATIONS. Okay, got it? Now let’s quickly cover  the final few items that are wrapping up: paint is going up on walls, epoxy floors are down, sealed concrete is all complete and, drumroll please, new bakery equipment is arriving!

Pro’s of completion: more bakery to share more goodness with more people.

Con’s of completion: no day-old bakery goodies for the crews; our next jobsite probably won’t smell as good.

Follow crust on their Facebook page for mouth watering updates.


Project Update: Dentist Office

If you haven’t seen what all we’ve been up to this summer, it’s a lot of restaurants and a bakery. Too many sweets? We’ve got that covered too! Arguably the project closest to us (we share the same building) is a complete renovation of a dentist office. And when we say complete we mean it. This project stripped the space down to the ‘bones’ and even replaced some of them. With all new plumbing, heating, and electrical we’re now finishing up the ceilings,  drywall and millwork. Paint is drying on the walls and finishes are all coming together. By September, the dentist will have a fantastic new space to fill cavities for years to come. And it’s a good thing with that new bakery expansion just across the street.

Check out Family Dental and when you’re by, pop in to say hi to us too!


another! Buddy’s Pizza

Maybe you’ve seen them around the metro Detroit region, well guess what? They’re bringing their pizza west! Bren-Mar is excited to again team with the amazing people of Buddy’s Pizza on their latest restaurant.

As you can see from the pictures, our crews are quickly finishing the interior framing along with the electrical and mechanical rough-ins. Wall finishes are in progress and millwork in the dining room is starting to shape up. Did you see that kitchen hood? Bring on the pizza pies! Can’t wait to see you all soon enjoying a slice and a cool beverage out on that patio.

Follow Buddy’s Pizza for updates!


another SHAKE SHACK!

What’s better than ONE Shake Shack restaurant in Michigan? TWO! Partnering again with this great team of burger and shake makers, Bren-Mar broke ground on their second Michigan location earlier this year. Since May, we’ve been able to oh- put up an entire building! While we’re not quite “dried in” yet, we’re pretty darn close.

In August, our crews are busy running fire suppression piping, roughing in ductwork, electrical and plumbing, along with finishing up some interior framing. All the big, fancy steel is already set and we’re quite literally wrapping up the building; our exterior facade is well in progress and before long it will really start looking like a place you can’t wait to stop in for one of the best burgers and shakes in town.

Check out Shake Shack’s site for some more info on this newest location!

Love Is In The Air

It’s February and love is in the air. And by “love” of course we mean the smell of fresh baked cookies. After all, they’re one in the same, right?

Breaking ground on what is likely the best smelling jobsite in the region, Bren-Mar Construction is excited to partner with crust – a baking company in our hometown of Fenton on their massive expansion. The facility will more than double in size -from 5,000sf to 13,000sf- with growth in all areas of their operation; from baking and shipping to retail and dining.

Read more in this great article by local newspaper TC Times writer Sally Rummell. Or check out the video by TC Times’ Tim Jagielo.

Follow the ongoing progress of the job here on our Blog and at crust’s facebook page.

Who’s That Lady?

While the guys of Bren-Mar regularly make the rounds to jobsites and meetings with clients, behind the scenes are a couple ladies helping make their jobs easier – wherever they may be. You’ve likely spoken to but perhaps never seen Devon or Erica. These ladies are like the Superwoman of Bren-Mar, rarely seen but always at the ready.

While Devon handles more day-to-day things around the office than we’d care to admit, Erica works from afar in our affectionately referred to Bren-Ver satellite location in Colorado. And when they’re not busy working, both of these gals love to spend time enjoying their families and the outdoors.


Devon is a sucker for a beautiful garden and has been known to make day trips to Midland or Grand Rapids to enjoy the peaceful serenity of Dow Gardens and Meijer Gardens. While she maintains that her own garden is quite modest, we’ve heard that it has it’s own pond so we do have our doubts. She is also brightening the office with it’s bounty all spring and summer, which we truly enjoy! And if she’s not at the garden you might find her on the shores of Lake Michigan. Having grown up North of Muskegon she just can’t resist those expansive beaches and cool blue waves, no matter the season. And who could blame her, really? We love the lake too!


While she misses the abundance of beautiful lakes, large and small, that Michigan offers, Erica has been embracing what water she is able to find out in Colorado. Trout fishing in small mountain lakes and hiking along rivers. While the scenery is a bit different, it is equally beautiful in it’s own regard. She has enjoyed exploring new towns and has found Golden to be a favorite, and not for the reason you might think -cough, Coors Brewery, cough-. The town is home to Clear Creek History Park which has it’s very own chickens that kids, adults and dogs love to stop by and visit!

A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 1